Starting October 1, 2015, and for the entire month of October, there will be two tables set up in the Narthex.  One of course for the Youth Group and one for the Men’s Club, who graciously accepted our video challenge, to see who could raise the most points in the Food Drive Challenge.  Points have been assigned  to the donations and all will be tallied during and at the end of the month.  Whichever group brings in the most points wins!!!  The loosing group, however, will offer up one of its own members to receive a plateful of spaghetti and sauce, right in the “kisser”!  The members that will be offered up, will be those who do not participate in making this a success.  If all participate then it goes to the Youth Leaders to “get it in the kisser”!  We will also be accepting cash donations, $1 = 1 point.

After the YG went and toured Trinity House and saw with their own eyes what it was all about and listened to the information given, they accepted their own personal challenge to help make this Food Drive a success.  We challenged them to pray and ask what they could do to help.  The goal of this was to depend on themselves, not mom and dad, but to give or their own free will.  For example, to do extra chores for family, friends and neighbors and raise a collective $200 or more. This will be kept separate from any CASH donations we may receive.   If and when they achieve this goal, the Youth Group funds would double whatever they raise and we will take them to go shopping at Aldi’s for the items on Trinity’s list.  As many of you know, this is a wonderful teaching moment.  Having the kids do this, puts a better understanding on the situation.  “Money doesn’t just grow on trees…or out of mom and dad’s billfolds either”!

We are asking the kids to volunteer for doing announcements at all 4 services this coming weekend.  I will have all the information ready for you to present.  This has to come from you kids, it’s your challenge!  Please let me know if you are able to help at any of the services to include Saturday evening service at 5:30.  I suspect it will only take about 5-7 minutes to present and is an important part of informing the congregation as to why we are doing this Mission Outreach and would like their support.  I also will have a sign-up chart for all services during the month of October, as you kids needs to “man your donation table,”  so that we can beat the Men’s Club at the challenge we issued!!!  They will have a table right next to ours and theirs will be represented all services, too!  Remember, if you don’t participate in this challenge, your name goes into the drawing for getting spaghetti and sauce, in your face.

Pray about how you can help make this a success.  In the end the winner is Trinity House and all those who utilize their services.