Unfortunately, we have had to cancel the Worlds of Fun Halloween Haunt and Lock-In.  Due to extenuating circumstances we just are not able to do this.  Instead, we have planned to meet Sunday, October 25th, from 4-6pm for Fall Fest.  This will be just for the Sr. Youth.  Fall Fest will be a time to come and hang out, eat fall-y food, drink warm drinks and ……. carve a pumpkin!!!  You MUST sign up for this event, as we will be providing the pumpkins for carving and want to make sure we have enough, but are not wasteful either.  If you don’t get signed up for this, you can still attend and hang out, but we may not have a pumpkin for you to carve, unless you bring your own.  Oh, I forgot to mention that this will be a Pumpkin carving competition too!!!  We will have judges from the congregation, who will hang out and watch you as you work, only to judge your work in the end.  There will be prizes for first and second place.  We hope to have lots of food, such as a pumpkin roll, pumpkin cookies, pie, Hot Cider and Hot Cocoa, plus whatever else goodies we are blessed to have donated.  Hope to see your name on the list on the bulletin board, or you can email or call me and let me know too!

Parents, take the time to tell your kiddo something you really admire about them!  You have some wonderful kids and we are so happy that you share them with us!  We truly enjoy each and every one of them and all their uniqueness!